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Do classes in the Carrington School Program count as real school?
Yes. Classes are taught by licensed teachers from the Geauga County Educational Service Center. Instruction follows the Ohio Common Core curriculum.
Will I receive high school credits for work I do at the Carrington School Program?
Yes. Each day a student attends class at Carrington School it is the same as a day at a student’s home school. A transcript is sent to each student’s home district after they have left Carrington Youth Academy.
Who can get a copy of my transcript?
Transcripts can be sent to a student’s school, school district, parole officer or county caseworker upon that entity’s request.
How does a student’s school get a copy of that student’s transcript?
The student’s school, caseworker or Parole Officer can request school records by email or fax.
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 216-417-6417.

I’m trying to go back to school and the principal says that the school needs a copy of my transcript. What can I do?
Your school principal, counselor or admissions office can send a school records request by email or fax.
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 216-417-6417.
Is there a fax number for the school to use when requesting records?
Yes. The fax number is 216-417-6417.
How are my classes at Carrington School Program credited by my home school?
Your home school will make the final decision about how to apply your credits.
Can I graduate from the Carrington School Program?
No. You will graduate from your home school.
What school am I enrolled in when I am at Carrington Youth Academy?
You are enrolled in the public school district that is your home school (your District of Residence).
Why did my school withdraw me when I was placed at Carrington Youth Academy?
The Ohio Department of Education requires Charter schools and community schools to withdraw students back to their home school (their District of Residence) when that student has been placed in a residential facility.
How does my school know that I am at Carrington Youth Academy?
The School District of Residence is notified when a student is placed at Carrington Youth Academy.
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