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Field Trip to the Maltz Museum
On December 18, 2015, students from the Carrington School Program toured the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage with their teacher, Ms. Morvilius.  The purpose of the field trip was as a capstone to a unit in their school English Language Arts class during which students read the book "Night" by Elie Wiezel, about his Holocaust experiences, and studied the historical context of the Holocaust.

The students visited the exhibit, Introduction to Themes of the Holocaust.  This is described by the Museum as asking the question, "What happens when hate is left unchecked? Through artifacts, photographs, and film students examine how antisemitism, economic devastation and political instability lead to the systematic murder of six million Jews and destruction across Europe during World war II.  Students also encounter how genocide as continued into the 21st century.  Emphasis is placed on social responsibility, how individuals can make a difference and the need for tolerance in today's world."

 During the visit to the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, students toured the Holocaust exhibit and participated in a question and answer session with a person who had survived the Holocaust herself.