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Beyond the Classroom

Mrs. Morvilius’ students participated in different hikes over two school days as a field experiences to extend learning about Ohio’s different ecosystems. Students were able to observe plant and animal life living in each of the habitats. In addition the elevation   change of the hiking path created the opportunity for students to observe different formations and   landforms. Waterfalls, caves, creeks, ponds, lakes, beaches, marshes were all waiting to be seen. 

Male Residential students walked the floating bridge on Punderson Lake, in Newbury, Ohio. They   observed fish, frogs, turtles, insects of all kinds, blue herons, geese, and deer on their three mile   hike   around the park and lake. At the end of the trip students enjoyed pizza in the park and   participated in   some physical fitness activities on the trail.



Female residential students packed their bags, lunches, and froze bottles of water the night before  as they all participated in the outdoors for some hands on learning. Students went to West Woods   Park in Geauga County and walked the 4 mile nature trail. Students observed an oak forest with   streams and ponds throughout. At the visitor center students used binoculars to observe a variety   of birds at the wildlife feeding area and interacted with hands-on interpretive displays. Students   then went on another two mile hike to see Ansel’s Cave. Due to the changes in elevation of the trail   students were able to see what the park is doing to create bat sanctuaries and preserve   waterfalls. Finally, after climbing trails and crossing bridges the students reached the outcropping of   the cave. 


Students enjoyed their sack lunches in the car and rested as they prepared for their kayaking experience at Headwaters Park in the Geauga Metro Parks. Students met with park rangers and were provided beginner   instructions on how to paddle and move kayaks in the water. Soon after their   lesson, students were in the water putting their newly learned skills to the test.   Students stayed together as a group and kayaked around one of the islands on East   Branch Reservoir with their teacher, Mrs. Morvilius and Carrington staff. Each   student was successful in operating their kayaks and returning them to shore.   Everyone even caught a quick glimpse of a Bald Eagle carrying a fish flying over their   heads before disappearing into the shadows of the forest. Students thoroughly   enjoyed Mother Nature’s beauties and learned how to enjoy activities in the   outdoors in different types of ecosystems.