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Black Out!

3:00 A.M. on a rainy, humid September morning - 50 homes and businesses lost power. Carrington’s flood lights and backup generators provided dim lighting and kept the food cool. In the school area the classrooms were in total darkness. Students eagerly waited for power to be restored to attend school.

The rain slightly let up and the team came together to create a field day experience for all the students on the recess area’s basketball court. Students competed in a friendly relay competition. Students partnered up and competed six groups at a time. Each set of partners had to split the work load. While one partner was working, the other partner was resting and counting repetitions. The activities included mountain climbers, one leg hops, no hands stand up, burpee partner jump overs, push ups, partner wheelbarrow, crab walks, and running laps. All contestants completed the work with smiles on their faces as their peers cheered them on to victory.

Students were so excited to keep competing that a quick relay race was organized. In teams of four students per group a mile race was organized, running laps around and around the recess area. Each participant, with sweat running down their faces, approached the starting line and the countdown began. THREE… TWO… ONE…. The first teammate was off and running their quarter mile before handing of the baton to the next racer. It was an exciting, highly motivating, and positive encouragement that pushed each teammate to do their best and finish strong. 

Afterwards students enjoyed fresh and hot pizza and returned for their afternoon academic classes once the power came back on!