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What is P-16?

P-16 is the shorthand term for a student-focused, comprehensive and integrated system that links all education levels from preschool (P) through post-secondary. It is a powerful framework to leverage resources and bring stakeholders together better prepare students for living, learning, and working in a changing world.

Geauga County P-16 Mission Statement:

Geauga County P-16 mission is to create workforce readiness in our youth and adults through substantive partnerships between educators, businesses, community organizations, parents focusing on important transitions experienced at each level. Geauga County P-16 will develop a sustainable process and program to insure its continued success.

Geauga County P-16 Vision Statement:

Geauga County vision is that youth and adults are prepared for successful careers in a global environment. The purpose of the P-16 initiative is to seek commitment from all partners, create a community agency linkage, and leverage quality best practices in implementation while adapting them to the unique opportunities and constraints in the county.

Geauga County P-16 Goals:

  • - To support the economic well being of Geauga County by assuring workforce readiness by creating a bridge to this new paradigm and developing measurable outcomes.
  • - To create substantive partnerships between educators, businesses, and parents that result in a tailored approach for school to work (P-16) for the county.
  • - To develop a sustainable program that has processes to identify and incorporate new members.

The Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee has identified the strategic imperatives that will guide our work:
  - To foster the successful transition of Geauga County children to kindergarten, both public and private.
 - To foster the successful transition of Geauga County students from secondary education to college and/or the workforce, as well as, from higher education to the workforce.         
 - To foster Geauga County parents ’families’ awareness and understanding of the transitions that young people will experience as they prepare for the workforce.
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