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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

TPP Kicks Off 2019-2020

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Find out more info on TPP and how the program is implemented into Geauga County's educational curriculum at:

What About BOB? 
Keep an eye out for everything you ever wanted to know about BOB and how 'he' can help your children on a daily basis. BOB (Body on Board) has been a mainstay of TPP  Programming at all grade levels, although sometimes he looks a little different depending on grade level. 'He' is our visual  of how complex we all really are, and the things we need to develop as we grow into complete, happy and healthy adults.Ask a Geauga  8th or 9th grader some time if they know who TPP's BOB is!

TPP Continues to Develop Social Media Initiative:
E Risk-Relationships in a Digital World 
Helping children grow to become happy, healthy and successful adults is complicated by the fast paced growth of technology, including the growing use of social media. Geauga ESC, with the support of Geauga Job and Family Services has identified a need to address the developmental, social and emotional impact of the digital world on youth, their relationships, and their future.
ESC offers classroom presentation in grade 6, 7 and 8, parent education and community awareness initiatives, and works with YLP leaders to identify needs and promote the positive use of social media in all grades.


About Us
•   Operating since 1996
•   Serves approximately 4,000 students each year
•   Geauga County has the second lowest teen birth rate in Ohio
•   TPP is funded by Geauga County Job and Family Services
What's New

“Relationships in a Cyber World” - Social Media Awareness Program


•   TPP been contracted to develop Relationships in a Cyber World, a social media awareness program related to TPP’s holistic philosophy of youth development

•   This year is targeted to develop an integrated 6th, 7th, and 8th grade program that features content related to electronic vs interpersonal communication, friendship and cyberbullying, online reputation and potential future impact of online behavior.
Tips for Teens & Parents
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Contact Info
Karen Lackey, MSSA, LISW Program Director
Jennie Canganelli, M.Ed.
Holly Jacobson, M.Ed., OCPS II
Geauga County Education Service Center
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