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1.  Expansion of Services

Investigate opportunities to identify and expand services to meet the diverse needs of school districts and students. 

*    Collaborate with neighboring ESC governing boards in order to strengthen the future of Northeast Ohio districts and to continue to meet their needs. 

*    Expand student programs to meet growing special education needs across grade levels.

*    Continue expansion in vocational programing in Geauga, Lake, and Cuyahoga county schools and increase community employer partnerships.

*    Increase involvement in initiatives with the Ohio Department of Education.

*    Develop and market curriculum and assessment supports and resources.  

2. Communication/Public Relations

 Enhance communication and strengthen marketing with educators, employees, community/parents.

       *      Ongoing communication of internal roles and responsibilities of staff to school districts.

       *      Consistently market current service offerings.

*      Research innovative and effective communication tools/mechanisms to provide consistent and timely updates to schools and community community.

*     Alignment with community agencies and partners in order to create an effective service delivery framework.

3. Professional Development and Staffing Analysis

 Strengthen internal professional development structures to enhance targeted training for high quality programs.

 *    Leverage high quality staff for purposes of recruitment and retention in order to develop content specific specialists by providing targeted training and staff support.

*     Survey districts to meet staff professional development needs.

*     Identify and offer resources to meet district needs specific to students (e.g. technology, curriculum materials, blended learning, grant writing, transportation).

*     Offer targeted professional development based on identified staff needs.

*     Staff will participate in assigned district professional development, as applicable.

4. Finances

 Provide cost effective services/programs to meet educational needs of students.

*      Continue to improve general fund revenue and build confidence/transparency of billing process with district input.

*      Utilize the management board for input regarding staffing and program implementation.

*      Continue to meet with districts on an ongoing basis and communicate billing program costs and rationale.

*      Identify new sources of revenue through expansion of programs and services.

*      Transition to new financial software to increase efficiency in the Treasury Department.


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