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What is an Educational Service Center (ESC)

The Geauga County Educational Service Center (GCESC) was first established as the Geauga County Board of Education in 1914 when Ohio's 88th General Assembly sanctioned the founding of a county board of education for each of the counties in Ohio. The primary aim of a county office was to provide administrative management and leadership to local school districts, the majority of which were small.

In 1995 Ohio's state legislators authorized that all county boards of education be called "education service centers." This same provision also changed the name of our board of education to "governing board." This governing board is elected by the voters of all the local school districts.

How are ESC's funded?

Funding of these centers comes primarily through the State of Ohio in its reimbursement of a per-pupil subsidy. Another source is through local school district and contracted city districts funds based on the Average Daily Membership (ADM) of each district. The money is derived from the State Foundation program. Further funding comes through grants and contracted services.

What does an ESC do?

County offices, as intermediate agents between the State Department of Education and the districts, have moved from being primarily administrative and regulatory agencies for local school districts to providers of necessary services and consultation for both local and city school districts. They provide effective, efficient, and economical services which districts might have difficulty providing on their own or work with districts on collaborations and consortiums that help provide needed services. Some county offices have joined together so that today there are 52 educational service centers.

This organization is dedicated to providing administrative, curricular, instructional, instructional technology, pupil personnel, and professional development services to the schools of Geauga County and assisting them in reaching their educational objectives. These services are primarily designed to assist boards of education, administrators, teachers, and other staff members so that they may provide engaging work to students and services that help students learn.

Mission Statement

The Geauga County Educational Service Center, as a visionary leader in education, specializes in providing unique and high quality services, training, and advocacy to meet the identified needs of school districts and communities through cost effective, collaborative and cooperative programs that promote the highest levels of learning.
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